Xenia Benivolski

  • I'm a writer and curator working with sound, music and visual art. Currently I am organizing You Can't Trust Music at e-flux.com, a research project connecting sound-based artists, musicians and writers to explore together the way that landscape, acoustics and musical thought contribute to the formation of social and political structures.

    I also work with the archive of Zanis Waldheims, an outsider artist from Latvia who died in Montreal in the 1990s, and co- producing a first monograph for the artist in 2023,

    In Toronto I worked as co-director and curator at SUGAR, a discursive space on Toronto's waterfront between 2017 and 2020 where I co-curated the exhibition Pickle Politics with Slavs and Tatars, and published the reader Shapeshift, and founder of the collective-run 8eleven gallery between 2013-2018, the critical forum Open Sesame in 2011-2014, Rearviews publication series in 2011-2015, and Feminist Art Museum between 2015 and 2017. My writing appears at e-flux journal, Artforum, Art Agenda, Infrasonica and other journals.

    In late 2022 I'm co-directed the Visual Art residency "The Weapon of Theory as a Conference of Birds" with Ayesha Hammed at the Banff centre for Arts and creativity.

    Along with Max Haiven and Graeme Webb, I contribute to the Worker as Futurist project at Lakehead University. I teach visual art theory and curatorial practice in the graduate program at OCAD University, and at York University, both in Toronto.

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